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Pharmsynthez is a one to add to your watch list.  Take a look at the information below culled from their company  website


Pharmsynthez is an innovative pharmaceutical company developing new medications, technologies of drugs for organ-specific delivery and innovative methods of manufacture for pharmaceutical ingredients.

The company profile is production and sales of both officinal medicines (original OM) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The company has at its disposal a research and production facility, Pharmsyntez, put into operation in 2001.

Pharmsynthez is an international company and our business extends far beyond Russia. Starting from 2000, company-manufactured medicines were made available to the Public Health Services of Ukraine and Georgia, and since 2004 they have been marketed throughout CIS countries. In chemical compounds and API production we are intensely cooperating with North-American, Canadian and European companies.

While developing new medications, creating new technologies of organ-specific delivery of medicines and refining medicines manufacturing methods, we are working in close relations with leading research centres in Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany using the advantages of broad international cooperation to offer our patients safer and more effective medications.

We haven’t been looking for royal roads. Our main resources are assigned to oncology, tuberculosis and other bacterial and viral infections – grave and mortal diseases taking their toll of millions of humans worldwide every year.

In the area of API manufacturing, the company focuses on production of innovative hi-tech expensive substances, until now, for the most part, imported.

Industrially developed countries impose strict quality, effectiveness and safety standards on pharmaceutical industries.

Quality management and assurance in a modern enterprise are essential and quite expensive challenges. We do set ourselves these objectives and are successfully accomplishing them.

An innovative chemical production facility intended for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other chemical substances was built by the Company 10 kilometres north of St. Petersburg. This project provides a good example of the symbiosis of Russian expertise in setting up science intensive chemical production facilities and producing chemicals of traditional German quality.

The facility engineering design was developed in conjunction with the St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology; Linde, German technological company, and Prikladnaya Khimiya (Applied Chemistry) Russian Research Centre, Federal State Unitarian Enterprise. The facility is equipped with new European technological and testing machinery. Upon completion, the construction project was certified by German specialists.


The National Standard for pharmaceuticals manufacture and quality control, RF GOST R 52249-2004 (being an authentic translation of EU Pharmaceuticals Good Manufacturing Practices regulations), came into effect on January 1st, 2005. One of the purposes of the pharmaceutical industry switching to international standards is providing the country populace with modern highly effective medications of a quality adequate to that of foreign analogs but at lower retail prices.

Pharmsynthez is an active participant of a nation-wide pharmaceutical business transition to international regulations. In particular, Quality Policy and Objectives for the years 2006-2007 make provisions for preparation to ISO certification and getting enterprise quality management system ISO-certified and attested for conformity with EU GMP. When achieved, these steps will enable the Company to manufacture pharmaceuticals of international quality standard locally and establish cooperation with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers on new dosage forms (ampoules, tablets, capsules, etc.) production.


Pharmsynthez Company is an innovative production company operating its own working capital and it has been very successful in the market in recent years.


The Company, unlike the majority of pharmaceutical production companies in Russia, adheres to international business standards, and having a modern high-tech pharmaceutical substances production facility, we place production orders for official medicines on the nation-best facilities and always fulfill our contractual obligations for production services.

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OPKO Health, Inc


Company Overview

OPKO Health, Inc. is a multi-national pharmaceutical and diagnostics company that aims to establish industry-leading positions in large and rapidly growing medical markets by leveraging our discovery, development, and commercialization expertise and our novel and proprietary technologies.

opko-160x160They intend to leverage their global commercialization expertise to pursue acquisitions of commercial businesses that will both drive their growth and provide geographically diverse sales and distribution opportunities. OPKO has and may continue to make investments in other early stage companies that they perceive to have valuable proprietary technology and significant potential to create value for OPKO as a shareholder.

OPKO’s Focus

Recent Highlights

Since 2009, OPKO has completed national and international acquisitions of the following companies:

OURLabs, acquired by OPKO in December 2012, includes urologic, gastrointestinologic, dermapathologic, and women’s health laboratories based in Nashville, Tennessee. OURLabs operates 18 phlebotomy sites throughout the United States and is strategically positioned as OPKO’s commercial platform for the anticipated U.S. launch of 4Kscore™, a prostate cancer biomarker panel.

OPKO Diagnostics creates innovative point-of-care diagnostics technology that transition in-vitro medical diagnostics tests from the laboratory to the physician’s office and allow the performance of complex laboratory quality assays in minutes with no training and at minimal cost.

OPKO Chile markets, sells, and distributes pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products to private, hospital, and institutional markets in Chile.

OPKO EU develops, manufactures, markets, and sells a line of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and veterinary products throughout Europe.

OPKO FineTech develops specialty active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in Israel.

OPKO Mexico manufactures, markets, sells, and distributes ophthalmic and other pharmaceutical products to private and public customers in Mexico.

OPKO continues to explore acquisition opportunities for complementary pharmaceuticals, compounds, technologies, and businesses. They expect their future growth to arise from leveraging our proprietary technology, development strengths, and pursuit of complementary and strategic acquisitions and investments.

Experienced Management Team:

OPKO has a highly experienced management team that  has demonstrated an ability to successfully build and manage pharmaceutical businesses. OPKO’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Phillip Frost, founded and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IVAX Corporation, a multi-national pharmaceutical company, from 1987 until the acquisition of IVAX by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Limited in January 2006. Dr. Frost currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Teva. Prior to Ivax, Dr. Frost founded and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Key Pharmaceuticals, Inc. from 1972 until the acquisition of Key Pharmaceuticals by Schering Plough Corporation in 1986. Other senior executive officers are also veterans in the pharmaceutical industry and have extensive development, regulatory, and commercialization expertise.

OPKO’s experienced management team has the development, regulatory, and commercialization expertise and relationships able to access and facilitate excellent commercial opportunities.

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Blacksands Petroleum Inc


-Day Trader Pick Hit-

Welcome to Day Trader Picks -Blacksands Petroleum is our first company profiled as a “Pick Hit”.

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Here is a snapshot of their company:   We expect to see a lot of activity surrounding Blacksands as an emerging company to pay attention to.

The tagline of the company is:  

Explore Our Experience Discover Our Direction

Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. (OTC: BSPE) is an Oil and Gas exploration and production company (i) acquiring, developing and operating oil and gas fields and (ii) leasing and exploring for future fields and basins, onshore in N. America. We are located in Houston, Texas.

Business philosophy:

To seek out and acquire under-valued and under-developed properties with upside potential through reworks, recompletions, development, and exploration drilling; and
To identify and acquire prospective acreage positions for the purpose of evaluating new conventional and unconventional oil and gas potential in areas which have been over-looked by large independents and major oil and gas companies.
This growth philosophy allows Blacksands Petroleum the basis for increasing shareholder value by:

Building a solid foundation by means of a steady cash flow from proven developed producing properties (PDPs) augmented by reserve growth potential from (i) proved developed non producing properties (PDNPs), (ii) proved undeveloped producing properties (PUDs), and (iii) new exploration properties; and
Exploiting our Management Team’s experience and expertise in (i) utilizing advanced drilling, completion and production technology, including horizontal drilling, stimulation and fracture completion technology, (ii) implementing secondary and tertiary recovery processes, and (iii) exploring new fields and basins using seismic technologies.

II. Targets
Targets include assets owned by entities which are (i) in need of liquidity, (ii) in financial distress, (iii) unable to meet lease obligations, and/or (iv) offering to sell non-core assets as a result of a change in business strategy or reorganization.

III. Core Properties
Blacksands Petroleum’s core properties are located in the United States in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

IV. Management
Blacksands Petroleum has an experienced, aggressive Management Team of oil and gas professionals who have management level experience in a broad array of exploration & production companies, including public and private start-ups, mid cap independents, and major oil companies. The expertise of the Management Team includes in-depth personal experience and knowledge in acquisitions of producing properties, exploration and development, geological and geophysical analyses, reservoir and down-hole engineering, joint interest and revenue accounting, land management and legal matters.

V. Operations
Blacksands Petroleum through its subsidiary NRG Assets Management, LLC a Texas Limited Liability Company is operating or intends to operate a majority of the producing and non-producing properties and leases it acquires. The Management Team manages the day to day operations, including all technical aspects of the properties, as part of our long term goals of cost control and production growth.

The broad-based experience and understanding of our Management Team as it relates to operations and development allows Blacksands Petroleum to effectively control the operations of its properties. By maintaining operational control, Blacksands Petroleum can control the costs and timing of our operations and drilling/work-over activities to continually deliver the highest possible return at the lowest possible cost to the Shareholders. Where Blacksands Petroleum is not the operator, we participate with others who share our philosophy and allow Management Team input.

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