Company Overview



Pharmsynthez is an Absolute Day Trader pick hit to add to your watch list.  Take a look at the information below culled from their website

Pharmsynthez is an innovative pharmaceutical company developing new medications, technologies of drugs for organ-specific delivery and innovative methods of manufacture for pharmaceutical ingredients.

The company profile is production and sales of both officinal medicines (original OM) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The company has at its disposal a research and production facility, Pharmsyntez, put into operation in 2001.

Pharmsynthez is an international company and our business extends far beyond Russia. Starting from 2000, company-manufactured medicines were made available to the Public Health Services of Ukraine and Georgia, and since 2004 they have been marketed throughout CIS countries. In chemical compounds and API production we are intensely cooperating with North-American, Canadian and European companies.

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