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Pharmsynthez is a one to add to your watch list.  Take a look at the information below culled from their company  website


Pharmsynthez is an innovative pharmaceutical company developing new medications, technologies of drugs for organ-specific delivery and innovative methods of manufacture for pharmaceutical ingredients.

The company profile is production and sales of both officinal medicines (original OM) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The company has at its disposal a research and production facility, Pharmsyntez, put into operation in 2001.

Pharmsynthez is an international company and our business extends far beyond Russia. Starting from 2000, company-manufactured medicines were made available to the Public Health Services of Ukraine and Georgia, and since 2004 they have been marketed throughout CIS countries. In chemical compounds and API production we are intensely cooperating with North-American, Canadian and European companies.

While developing new medications, creating new technologies of organ-specific delivery of medicines and refining medicines manufacturing methods, we are working in close relations with leading research centres in Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany using the advantages of broad international cooperation to offer our patients safer and more effective medications.

We haven’t been looking for royal roads. Our main resources are assigned to oncology, tuberculosis and other bacterial and viral infections – grave and mortal diseases taking their toll of millions of humans worldwide every year.

In the area of API manufacturing, the company focuses on production of innovative hi-tech expensive substances, until now, for the most part, imported.

Industrially developed countries impose strict quality, effectiveness and safety standards on pharmaceutical industries.

Quality management and assurance in a modern enterprise are essential and quite expensive challenges. We do set ourselves these objectives and are successfully accomplishing them.

An innovative chemical production facility intended for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other chemical substances was built by the Company 10 kilometres north of St. Petersburg. This project provides a good example of the symbiosis of Russian expertise in setting up science intensive chemical production facilities and producing chemicals of traditional German quality.

The facility engineering design was developed in conjunction with the St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology; Linde, German technological company, and Prikladnaya Khimiya (Applied Chemistry) Russian Research Centre, Federal State Unitarian Enterprise. The facility is equipped with new European technological and testing machinery. Upon completion, the construction project was certified by German specialists.


The National Standard for pharmaceuticals manufacture and quality control, RF GOST R 52249-2004 (being an authentic translation of EU Pharmaceuticals Good Manufacturing Practices regulations), came into effect on January 1st, 2005. One of the purposes of the pharmaceutical industry switching to international standards is providing the country populace with modern highly effective medications of a quality adequate to that of foreign analogs but at lower retail prices.

Pharmsynthez is an active participant of a nation-wide pharmaceutical business transition to international regulations. In particular, Quality Policy and Objectives for the years 2006-2007 make provisions for preparation to ISO certification and getting enterprise quality management system ISO-certified and attested for conformity with EU GMP. When achieved, these steps will enable the Company to manufacture pharmaceuticals of international quality standard locally and establish cooperation with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers on new dosage forms (ampoules, tablets, capsules, etc.) production.


Pharmsynthez Company is an innovative production company operating its own working capital and it has been very successful in the market in recent years.


The Company, unlike the majority of pharmaceutical production companies in Russia, adheres to international business standards, and having a modern high-tech pharmaceutical substances production facility, we place production orders for official medicines on the nation-best facilities and always fulfill our contractual obligations for production services.

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